UpshotCS 2019



A Unique One-Day Customer Success Event


November 6th 2019


545 Kentucky Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225

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    8:15 - 9:00 

    Breakfast & Networking

    Customer management is evolving quickly as the performance economy emerges. UpshotCS will create a venue for discussing 'outcomes from all angles' as customer-focused professionals work to evolve with this business climate transformation.  Dave will welcome guests and kick off the event by sharing perspective on the importance of having an outcome mindset. 

    The Outcome Mindset


    Dave Duke

    Founder | UpshotCS 


    Founder | Outcome Leaders

    Paul Henderson 


    The Outcome Generation

    Paul is an authority on outcomes and customer success programs for technology vendors. Significant technology vendors now focus on outcomes when engaging with customers. They include SAP, Salesforce, Mulesoft, ServiceNow, Adobe, New Relic and many more. Paul will offer insight into the emerging generation of technology vendors – the Outcome Generation. He will explain why they’re making this shift and offer a practical framework for implementing an outcome-based approach.


    Chief Consumer Experience Officer | Eli Lilly & Co.

    Jen Oleksiw

    10:15 -10:45 

    Customer Success Through  the Eyes of a Customer

    What if we all looked at customer management through the eyes of the customer? We will do just that in this fireside chat with Jen.  Jen will reflect on her experience managing suppliers and Eli Lilly and share how she thinks about customer success from the buyer perspective. 


    Director, Customer Success | Microsoft

    Stefani Quarles


    Lessons Learned From Managing Customer Success In The Enterprise

    Managing enterprise customers is no small feat and there is no bigger stage than customer success at Microsoft.  Stefani will share her customer success journey and discuss lessons learned in customer management. 


    GM Research | SAMA

    Joel Schaafsma


    Elevating Strategic Account Management

    Strategic Account Management (SAM) and Customer Success are on a crash course in B2B. Grounded in market research, Joel will share his perspective on how the two disciplines can catapult a company's growth strategy. 




    CEO | Careerable 

    Katie Smith


    Building a Career in Customer Success

    The field of customer success is hotter than ever. Katie will discuss the best ways to set sail for a career in customer management. She will also provide advice on how best to own your career path to help you achieve your personal definition of professional success. 

    CEO | Careerable 


    Jessica Gendron


    Developing Leaders at all Levels

    Leadership is critical in all roles no matter the title. Jessica will sit down to discuss the best ways for embracing leadership opportunities at various stages of a career.  

    President, The Center For Leadership Excellence


    The role of customer success continues to grow in importance and it's more common than ever to see customer success play a big part in the pre-sales process and activities. Ross will dive deep into the economics of SaaS and explain why organizations should invest in aligning customer success to sales.

    The Importance of Customer Success Pre-Sales


    Ross Fulton

    CEO | Valuize Consulting 


    Leigh and Jen will share lessons learned from the frontlines of customer management. They will also give a glimpse into how they have started to leverage the Business Outcome Management (BOM) framework to drive results with customers. 

    Outcomes On The Frontlines


    Leigh Hirnisey

    Manager, Customer Success | Cornerstone on Demand

    Jen Dole

    Sr. Client Success Manager | Cornerstone on Demand


    Ali will sit down for a fireside to discuss her new book Keep Your Customers.  The discussion will be filled with actionable takeaways to help organizations stop customer turnover, improve retention, and get lucrative, long term loyalty. 

    Keep Your Customers

    2:45 - 3:15

    Ali Cudby

    Author, Keep Your Customers


    VP Marketing | Lessonly

    Kyle Lacy


    The Story of the Golden Llama

    The story of the golden llama is becoming famous! Kyle will share why the story is fundamental to building a powerful brand. He will also explain why you must align your campaign to the mission, vision, and values of the company, how to build a campaign that starts a movement, and how to successfully align sales, customer success and marketing to one story.


    B2B customer management will look different in the future. Scott McCorkle will reflect on the evolution of software over the past thirty years and cast a vision for where customer management is headed in the next twenty years. 

    The Future of Customer Management


    Scott McCorkle

    CEO, MetaCX



    Happy Hour